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Dates to Remember

  • Proposal SubmissionMarch 31, 2021
  • Notification of Review ResultsMay 10, 2021
  • Abstracts SubmissionMay 31, 2021
  • Video Presentation SubmissionJune 30, 2021

Proposals will be accepted till March 31, 2021. All persons submitting proposals will be informed regarding their acceptance by May 10, 2021.

Case study of In-depth Work Environment Measurement and Assessment in Occupational Disease Epidemiology Investigation

  • Moderator Jee Yoen Jeong(Department of Occupational and Environment Health, Yong In University, Korea, Republic of)

OH Issues in the Semiconductor Industry Symposium 2
- Epidemiological Study and issues in the semiconductor Industry

  • Moderator Hyoung-Ryoul Kim(the Catholic University of Korea, Korea, Republic of)

Advancing Occupational Hygiene Education Internationally on Three Fronts: 1) Formal Academic Program Development, 2) Philanthropic Grass-Roots Outreach and Collaboration, and 3) Structured Online Certificate Programs

  • Moderator Thomas Fuller(Illinois State University, USA)

Exposures, Controls and Respiratory Health in Coffee Workers

  • Moderator Mohammed Virji(CDC/NIOSH, USA)

OH Issues in Semiconductor Industry Symposium 1
- Chemical and EMF hazards in recent semiconductor Industry

  • Moderator Chungsik Yoon(Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of)

Marginalized workers in the global economy: protecting child workers, slaves, migrants and workers in the informal sector

  • Moderator Marianne Levitsky(Workplace Health Without Borders/ECOH, Canada)

Expanding Occupational Safety and Health for Disabled Workers

  • Moderator Thomas Fuller(Illinois State University, USA)

Occupational Hygiene in the Informal Recycling Sector

  • Moderator Jack Caravanos(New York University, School of Global Public Health, USA)

Addressing the workforce capability and capacity for occupational hygienists in New Zealand

  • Moderator Derek Miller(Health and Safety Association of New Zealand, New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society, New Zealand)

Identification of Known, New and Emerging Work-Related Diseases

  • Moderator Yogindra Samant(Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway)
  • Co-Moderator Lode Godderis(University of Leuven, Belgium)

International Cooperation

  • Moderator Rene Leblanc(IOHA / GHD Consultant, Canada)

Exposure assessment tools for occupational safety and health regulations: state of the art and directions for the future

  • Moderator Henri Heussen(Cosanta BV, Netherlands)

Symposium I: COVID-19 cluster outbreaks among workers in Asia-Pacific countries

  • Moderator Derek Miller(New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society, New Zealand)

Overcoming Challenges in Chemical Exposure Assessment: From Field Work to Controls Implementation

  • Moderator Wan Sabrina Wan Mohamad(Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA), Malaysia)


  • Moderator Diego Mauricio Murillo Gómez(Asociación Colombiana de Higiene Ocupacional ACHO Capítulo Antioquia, Colombia)

Sampling and Analytical Challenges in Meeting Ever- Lower OELs for Metals and Metalloids

  • Moderator Steven Verpaele(Nickel Institute, Belgium)

Occupational Hygiene aspects in the Pharmaceutical Industry 1

  • Moderator Michel Vangeel(Johnson & Johnson, Belgium)

Occupational Health: Present and Future

  • Moderator to be decided to be decided(to be decided, Korea, Republic of)

Control Banding as Risk Communication

  • Moderator David Zalk(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

Identification and Management of Hexavalent Chromium Dust Exposure on Gas Turbines in the LNG Industry

  • Moderator Will OCallaghan(AIOH - Full Member and COH, Australia)

Research & Development for farmers' health and safety

  • Moderator Yunkeun Lee(Wonjin institute of occupational and environmental health, Korea, Republic of)

Symposium II: Protecting workers from COVID-19 infection risk of Industrial Hygienists

  • Moderator Yu-Wen Lin(Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)

Status of exposure assessment and diffusive sampling approaches for VOCs in Korea

  • Moderator Seung-Hyun Park(Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Korea, Republic of)

Additive Manufacturing for Occupational Hygiene: Processes, emissions, and exposures

  • Moderator Johan du Plessis(North-West University, Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative, South Africa)

Changes in the Occupational Safety and Health Policy for 40 Years in South Korea : Focusing on the role of policy actors and contextual factors in policy agenda setting and formulation

  • Moderator Mijin Park(Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health,Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of)

Global Chemical Management at Workplaces: SDS Regulations, GHS Implementation, and Hazard Communication

  • Moderator Eun-ah Cho(3M Korea, Korea, Republic of)

Occupational Hygiene aspects in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2

  • Moderator Michel Vangeel(Johnson & Johnson, Belgium)

Institutional Improvement Suggestion on Chemical Management for preventing workplace hazardous chemical exposure in Korea

  • Moderator Taesun Kang(Semyung University, Korea, Republic of)

How to build health and safety cultures in the laboratories - Efforts will continue!

  • Moderator Saravanan Gunaratnam(National University of Singapore,, Singapore)

Occuapational Health Issues in Semiconductor Industry Symposium 3
-- Science, struggling of the victims, role of the professionals and NGOs for unveiling risks in the Semiconductor industry in Korea

  • Moderator Chungsik Yoon(Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of)

Occupational Heat Stress: sustainable solutions and adaptation strategies provided by the HEAT-SHIELD project

  • Moderator Lars Nybo(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Development of Population Exposure Methodology Using Exposure Assessment Advancement (Eye-of-Horus Exposure Study)

  • Moderator Wonho Yang(Daegu Catholic University, Korea, Republic of)

Exposure assessment in the Exposome context- need for precise – broad-scope- external exposure assessment

  • Moderator Anjoeka Pronk(TNO, Netherlands)

AIHA: Pivoting in Times of the Pandemic

  • Moderator John Mulhausen(AIHA, USA)

Exposure characterization for international programs in global burden of disease estimation and cancer hazard identification: needs and opportunities for collaboration

  • Moderator Thomas Fuller(Illinois State University, USA)

The Opportunities for Women Practitioners in Bridging Gaps in Occupational Hygiene Development

  • Moderator Norhazlina Mydin(CIH. CPIH, Malaysia)